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Dec 2, 1997 - 15:08 -

I have a question:
What are some of the rituals performed at a Reformed Jewish service?

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The Reform (not "Reformed") service follows the same over-arching structure as any other Jewish service. They tend to read more in English translation rather than the original Hebrew, and to modify some of the prayer texts, but the same basic liturgical order is followed.  Their services skip only a few items that their early founders associated with the Temple, namely:

  • The Psalm of the Day
  • The paragraphs of Torah Study concerning the Temple offerrings
  • The Scholar's Kaddish
  • The Priestly Blessing (an introductory paragraph to the final blessing of the Amidah) 

In addition to those few minor ommisions within the structure of the service, they skip *all* the holiday services!!!. They only do the regular three daily services (morning, afternoon, and evening) -- which *do* have some significant textual modifications on Sabbaths and Festivals. But they do not do any of the services that constitute the statutory communal observance of any of the holidays. (Each holiday is normally marked by an additional worship service to celebrate it.)