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Nov 6, 1997 - 02:50 -

I have a question:
I'm not certain from reading your website material how to obtain a hard copy of the transliterated siddur. Please respond to Thanks!

About me: Dr. Anthony Bowman; Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Jewish without much exposure to our heritage. Went to Israel and fell in love; always have been trying to learn about HaShem -- until recently, in the wrong places.
My e-mail address:
How I found this site: Tannenbaum

The entire Transliterated Siddur is published at If you find it useful, feel free to make a donation to my synagogue "in appreciation for The Transliterated Siddur."

If you need just a few prayers, you can cut and paste from your browser window to your word processor.

If you need more, use a web-aware word processor (like Microsoft Word).  While your PC is connected to the internet, give the URL of the Siddur to the word processor's FileOpen command instead of a filename. Word will import it, preserving all the formatting. Then save it as a doc file on your hard disk. All the conversion will be done automatically. You'll still need to insert pagebreaks to make it look nice on your paper size.

(If you downloaded it as an HTML file, check out the 'Paste Special' command to convert formats.)

The are about 30 HTML files in all.  Their names can be seen by moving your mouse over the Table of Contents and noting the links. The files containing the Sabbath services begin with a number that reflects the order in which to print them.

Remember, the result is only for your own personal use, and please retain my copyright notice on your copy. To do more, see the Distribution Agreement and/or the Publishing Agreement at the web-site.

I hope The Transliterated Siddur is helpful.