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Oct 18, 1997 - 12:15 -

I have a question:
When does one bow during the Amidah? Is this done both during the silent Amidah and the repetition? What is the proper way to bow at the end of the Reader's Kaddish?

About me: My name is Heidi. I'm a 'not so recent' convert who is trying to learn more about conservative ritual. Thanks so much for providing this great web site!
My e-mail address:
How I found this site: Through a search on 'Jewish prayer'

Thanks for your question, Heidi.

One bows at the beginning and the ending of the first benediction (Avot).  Bend at "Baruch" and arise at "atah". This happens at both the beginning and ending of Avot. This is in the silent Amidah only (except for the Baal Tefilah).

Also bow at the beginning of Modim. Since the congregation recites a different version of Modim during the repetition, most will bow during the repetition as well. Since they are seated, many will bend forward in their seated positions, while others rise briefly to bow.

See the transliteration of the Siddur published on-line at: , which contains detailed instructions for all aspects of the service, including "body language".

--- Jordan