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Oct 10, 1997 - 08:54 -

I have a question:
how can i get a copy of the "COL NI DREI' in the english laguage right now?

About me: lauren shaviv/nicole shaviv canadian israelis
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Lauren and Nicole, thanks for your inquiry.

Kol Nidrei can be found in the prayerbook for Yom Kippur. Ask the Cantor, or Ritual Director, or Rabbi of your nearest synagogue to borrow one. If you want to buy your own traditional Yom Kippur prayerbook with English translation and commentary, they are available on-line.

Try ordering at:
(As is customary with Amazon.Com, Jewish books are listed at their web site as out-of-print or hard-to-find. I don't know why their catalogers do this. Rest assured, this book is in print and readily available.)

The gist of Kol Nidrei is that it is not a prayer but a legal pronouncement. (That's why it requires three "judges" and must be done while it is still daylight.)  With the pronouncement of Kol Nidrei, the court nullifies the vows to God of the individual(s) present. Bear in mind that this only covers vows to God, not promises to people. It changes none of your earthly responsibilities, but undoes the effect of having made a promise to God.

--- Jordan