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Jul 29, 1997 - 16:28 -

I have a question:
what is a hadassah? Is it a temple, or a special group of the temple?

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Hadassah is a non-profit women's organization. It is not associated with any synagogue, and is not a religious organization. Hadassah is a secular Zionist organization that builds ties between American Jews and The State of Israel, and encourages emigration to The State of Israel.  It raises funds and operates hospitals and summer camps in Israel, offers Hebrew classes and Zionist educational programs, organizes tours to Israel, offers networking and personal development events for its members, and lobbies for whatever feminist and social causes are of interest to its membership.

Hadassah's web site is at (A word of warning: Their web site is designed to look slick at any cost. Unless you've got a blazingly fast modem, bring a good book with you. Also, there is almost no content, just page after page of large graphics proclaiming the page a work-in-progress. Also, what little text I could find was gobbly-speak that said nothing. It would be hard to figure out anything about Hadassah from this web site. Hopefully this will all improve with time. Somebody please e-mail me when it's time to change this paragraph.)