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Nov 23, 1997 - 00:23 -

I have a question:
Hi ! My religion class is studying Judaism. Everyone was assigned a term, and I happened to get Shabbat. I understand, it is a day of revelation, and resting( and how God rested on the seventh day of creation), and a day of many prayers, but I don't know much more. I was wondering if you could tell me about who,why, how and where it orginated from. If you would kindly, I would very much appreciate it.

About me: Hi ! I attend a catholic school named Newton Country Day of the Sacred Heart, and in religion class, we study and learn about other relgions so that we can be more familiar with them, and learn to appreciate them.
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How I found this site:

Shabbat has three significances:

  • It is a commemoration of Creation.
  • It is a sign of the special covenant between Jews and God.
  • It is a weekly foretaste of the utopian World to Come.

Shabbat is the most important holiday in the Jewish calander.  When celebrated in the traditional manner, it consists of 25 consecutive hours of feasting, singing, resting, praying, and studying Torah, in the company of friends and loved ones.