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Jun 23, 1997 - 19:34 -

I have a question:
When all Jews go to Israel to live, will the world cease to exist as it is now and what will happen to all the Christians

About me: My name is Mark and I'm a member of a orthodox synagogue in the South.
My e-mail address:   MARKTN58
How I found this site: through a friend.

Thanks for your question, Mark. The traditional view is that the complete "ingathering of exiles" will be a consequence, not a cause, of God's anticipated redemptive activity. This activity is associated with the provision of a leader akin to King David who will actuate the transformation. That leader is referred to as Moshiach (the Annointed one) in Hebrew. The anticipated result is a utopia that will benefit everyone, as war and famine and disease will be no more. As it is written: "Every man will sit in the shade of his own tree and no one shall make him afraid."

God's providential role and the underlying unity of all Creation will be apparent to all peoples. The Jewish view of utopia does not envision non-Jews becoming Jewish, but rather that all non-Jews will be righteous, observing the Noahide Covenant (the covenant between non-Jews and God) and striving to do God's will. (Factually correct belief is not a mitzvah.) Also, according to the prophet Ovadiah, non-Jews will celebrate Sukkot, since all people are beneficiaries of divine providential care which that holiday celebrates.

--- Jordan